Dec 102012

Don’t spend your holiday period worrying about/catching up on your admin, here are some great packages to allow you to relax a little while your admin is being done for you.

Christmas Packages:

  Gold Star Package:  15 hours for $540 (25% discount)

    Silver Bell Package:  10 hours for $380 (20% discount)

  Green Wreath Package:  5 hours for $200 (15% discount)

  Candy Cane Casual:  1 hour $43 (10% discount)


Terms & Conditions:

– Hours/vouchers must be pre-purchased by 31st January, 2013.

– Hours to be used within 1 month of activating the vouchers.

– Vouchers valid until 30th April, 2013.

– No limit to how many vouchers you purchase.

– Contact for more information.

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